The Japanese robotics company HPI have announced their latest robot kit, following on from the G-ROBOTS GR-001, the G-Dog which utilises the same components as the aforementioned robot and which is set to retail for around €550.

Coming in kit form, and using the RPU-11 processing unit, the HPI G-Dog, once assembled, measures in at 190mm in height and is supplied with an RS232 cable allowing you to connect the G-Dog up to your PC (Windows XP systems only, it appears) allowing you to use the bundled ‘motion editor’ software to teach your robotic puppy new tricks though the G-Dog is also operable courtesy of a remote control.

Unfortunately, in not speaking Japanese we are a little at a loss as far as detail is concerned – Google’s translation tool is not proving especially helpful when it comes to translating the official G-Dog product pages – so if one of our Japanese speaking readers out there could offer us a little further insight please do feel free to drop us a mail via our contact form as we’ve aching to dig a little deeper (we’ll credit you for any further information, of course).

Still, in the event that we cannot find a Japanese speaker to assist us in adding to this post, you could always try visiting the page yourself to glean any further info or you can just salivate over the imagery in this post much in the same way we’re doing.

According to my view this is very unique and modern product which is easy to use and very econoimical. A lot of qualities are hidden in this product.

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