Following on from its North American launch that didn’t go quite as smoothly as Nokia would have liked, there is, at last, some good news (apart from the news that the aforementioned issues are now fixed) concerning the Nokia’s N5800 XpressMusic being that its now been announced that the N5800 will happily play ball with Amazon’s Video on Demand service.

Giving N5800 users access to over 40,000 movies and TV titles via Amazon’s Video on Demand Player, Nokia proudly herald their N5800 as being the only mobile phone that’s presently compatible with Amazon’s on demand service though, for the time being at least, you’ll have to download content to your computer and then subsequently transfer them to your N5800 as videos cannot be downloaded directly to the handset.

If you have a N5800 handset, or if you’re thinking of getting one, and you’re interested in gaining access to Amazon’s Video on Demand service you can find out what you need to do

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