These days few of us are not aware of the harmful effects of too much exposure to the sun’s UV rays both in terms of premature aging of the skin and skin cancer but it can be exceedingly difficult to gauge just how much exposure is within safe limits at any given time on any given day – that’s where this clever Portable Digital UV Monitor complete with LCD display comes into play.

Capable not only of offering you a dynamic readout of the current UV index thanks to its Ultra Violet Radiation Meter – as well as the temperature and even the current time - the Portable Digital UV Monitor can also advise which SPF of sun cream you should opt for given the current UV index and your skin type and can even use this information to offer a timed optimal exposure period complete with alert to warn you if you begin to exceed safe exposure limits.

Ideal for those of us who rarely see the sun except when we go on holiday (only to invariably be caught out to some degree however safe we try to be) the Portable Digital UV Monitor could also prove especially useful for those with young children who want to ensure that their sensitive skins are protected.

The Portable Digital UV Monitor retails for a mere £25 (roughly $49/€32 at the time of writing).

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