Product Description

This is a single Toshiba 6600 Mah Capacity, 10.8 Volts compatible notebook Battery. All Ultimate Accessories Batteries are manufactured under strict ISO 9001 standards and will meet or exceed expensive OEM products. The power of our products will also meet or exceed OEM Batteries, allowing you to power your computer for a fraction of the price! Save big by purchasing our compatible batteries instead of high retail priced OEM products. Compatible with PA3475U-1BRS, PA3476U-1BRS, PABAS080, PABAS081, Qosmio, Dynabook Qosmio, F30/670LS, F30/675LS, F30/690 Series, F30/695L, F30/695LSBL, F30/770LS, F30/770 Series, F30/790LS, F30/790 Series, F30/795LS, F30/795LSBL, F30/795LSW, F30/795 Series, F30/83C, G30/593LS, G30/595LS, G30/596LS, G30/695LS, G30/697HS, G30/795LS, G40/95C, G40/97C, G40/97D, G40/98E, GX/79G, F30-111, F30-112, F30-115, F30-116, F30-127, F30-131, F30-140, F30-147, F30 Series, G30-102, G30-116, G30-117, G30-134, G30-137, G30-138, G30-139, G30-143, G30-145, G30-150, G30-153, G30-158, G30-161, G30-162, G30-163, G30-165, G30-166, G30-175, G30-176, G30-179, G30-188, G30-189, G30-190, G30-191, G30-194, G30-201, G30-209, G30-212, G30-223, G30 Series, G35-AV600, G35-AV650, G35-AV660, G35 Series, G40-108, G40-10E, G40-10S, G40-114, G40-11Z, G45-AV680, G45-AV690

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