You may recall that several months ago we posted about Roboboa, the AI robotic snake from WowWeee – makers of Robosapien – which, apart from offering everything you would expect from a robotic snake, also offers a few intriguing secondary functions such as a motion detecting angle poise desk lamp and even a child safety light – well now it’s available in the US.

Priced at $99.99, Roboboa is sure to prove to be a great hit this coming Christmas and you can read our original post here: WowWee Roboboa – The Dancing AI Robot Python.

However, just to wet your appetite, here’s a brief run down of Roboboa’s capabilities as detailed on the official product website:

  • Thinks for himself but follows your every command
  • 3-eyed “alien” vision really sees, tracks and follows
  • Dazzling LED lights and sounds reveal his many moods
  • Rotates, swivels, spins, lifts and roves around
  • Multiple play modes
  • Three “shooting” guard modes
  • 16 hours “time-shift” alarm function
  • Interacts with other Wowwee robots
  • Program sequences up to 40 steps long
  • Over 40 functions from easy-to-use flashlight remote controller

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