Its seems like the financial crisis over the world really has not affected to the Austrian jeweler Peter Aloisson,because he created a record for himself by designing the world’s most expensive phone Apple iPhone 3G Kings Button.

The Apple iPhone 3G Kings Button’s main operating button is integrated with high quality 6.6 carat diamonds, this impression itself of the phone is very attractive. This exquisite phone is made of solid 18-carat yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. It e flaunts a white gold line encrusted with a total of 138 brilliant cut diamonds of the best quality.

This Product is Brought to You by Sohna Munda

The new Apple iPhone 3G ‘Kings Button’ is the most luxurious phone to date. The phone is definitely for those who dare to defy the current credit crunch.

The Apple iPhone 3G ‘Kings Button’ for 1,636,000 ($2,517,345) (approx. Rs 12 crore).

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