I'm a computer junkie, i have to admit that I fall for every gadget and gimmick that comes along when it comes to computer hardware. This was no exception. I recently picked up a new laptop and thought i'd compliment it with a new mouse. Whilst shopping, I noticed this little fellow on sale and thought what a great idea... the usb transmitter snaps in to the bottom of the mouse (also shuts it off so its not burning up the battery). Unfortunately the store that I spotted it at had sold out! I asked the clerk and he said the things were flyin off the shelves. Figured it must be worth a look so I went a few doors down to a competitor and found one.

Great thing about buying hardware from the evil empire (Microsoft), is that it pretty much all works without downloading new drivers. Plugged the USB transmitter in, snapped the included single AA battery in the mouse (its located under the top cover btw if you dont like reading instructions like me), and it fired to life. Nice smooth tracking, worked on all surfaces i tested except for the actual screen of my laptop.. hehe
All I cared about was to have an ultra-portable mouse that was wireless and worked well. I got the great bonus of, good price, easy to install, great function, perfect compatability. If it had two tumb buttons for fwd/back on web browsing, i'd write microsoft a thank you letter.
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