If you’ve been waiting for Vodafone to release its first touchscreen only Android powered handset in the UK, namely the HTC Magic, and you’ve been building up your expectations in light of a previously touted April release we have bad news - the Vodafone HTC Magic will now not launch according to schedule.
The Android powered HTC Magic was supposed to hit Vodafone this April (ie, anytime now) but, whilst Vodafone are remaining silent concerning the delay, HTC have confirmed that ‘a last minute hardware change’ is to impact on the originally touted release date.

According to HTC the delay being occasioned by this ‘last minute hardware change’ will transpire to be a short one, however, they have not actually acted to give us an insight as to their particular definition of the word ’short’ and, as mentioned previously, as at the time of writing, Vodafone’s take on the HTC Magic’s delayed launch is seemingly not even acknowledge that the release of the HTC Magic on their network is at issue here (when it patently is, certainly according to HTC).
It’s always particularly inspiring when a company goes out of its way to keep it’s customer in the loop, isn’t it?
We’ll update you the moment Vodafone decide to say something, assuming that, ultimately, they’re going to have to what with HTC admitting that there’s an issue - though what the purported hardware change actually entails, and why it’s of sufficient importance to hold back the launch on Vodafone, presently remains a mystery.

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