Billed on the official product site as being the ‘most affordable humanoid (robot)’, the RoboPhilo robot (Philo stands for Programmable Humanoid In Lifelike Operation) is aimed squarely at those who have outgrown the likes of Robosapien and are looking for an entry level, fully programmable humanoid robot that offers a wide range of movement that can be directly controlled and programmed via a PC but that will not break the bank.

Whilst robots such as Robosapien are arguably more toys than fully fledged robots, the RoboPhilo is certainly reserved only for those with a keen interest in robotics who would like to venture further into the realms of programmability. And, whilst RoboPhilo is certainly by no means the only entry level robot available it’s certainly is competitively priced at less than $500 per unit.

At the time of writing information is a little sparse, however, we can tell you that the RoboPhilo, which is manufactured by World Models Mfg (well known for their remote controlled aircraft), stands 13 inches in height, weighs in at 1.2kg (complete with battery) and consists of a total of 20 separate servo motors controlled by 24 servo channels allowing for full dexterity of limbs, waist and head.

A great deal of the official RoboPhilo website is still under construction so we’re unable to hone in on finer details (especially the PC based programming interface) at the time of writing but rest assured that we’ll be revisiting this little chap the moment further information becomes available. In the meantime we couldn’t resist posting some imagery of the RoboPhilo in action which gives a tantalising glimpse into what we can expect.

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