Released without pomp or ceremony, Iogear’s GMD2025U120 Portable Digital Media Library (or screenless PMP if you prefer – though this sounds far less flattering) is an interesting device that allows you to store a host of digital audio and video media content on its integrated 2.5” 120GB SATA hard disk allowing you to move your digital media library around for playing on external AV equipment and, of particular note, is the devices ability to upscale video content to 720p HD resolution for viewing on HDTVs or notebooks.

Supplied complete with remote, Iogear’s GMD2025U120 Portable Digital Media Library offers MPEG-1/2, DivX and Xvid as well as MP3, WAV, VOB and JPEG format compatibility and can even playback copied (aka ripped) DVDs complete with fully functional menu systems and subtitles (hence the device’s product page featuring a rather lengthy reminder concerning copyright restrictions related to commercial material).
The Iogear GMD2025U120 comes with standard and RCA as well as component RCA connections for hooking the device up to non-HD TV and HDTV units respectively and RCA left/right audio connectors for linking the device with HI-Fi equipment and a USB 2.0 port facilitating the easy transfer of material for PCs.

Capable of storing up to 34,000 digital photos, 30,000 MP3s (or 3,000 songs in uncompressed CD quality format), 9 hours of Digital Video (DV) or 50 hours of DVD quality video Iogear’s GMD2025U120 Portable Digital Media Library is due for release imminently and will retail for around $350.

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