Personally I’ve never especially associated poodles with savings. In fact, come to think of it, I’ve never even thought of dogs in general as being repositories for spare change. No, from an early age I was taught that if you wanted to save money you either used an bank or, for lesser sums, a pig – the benefit of using the latter being that I’ve yet to receive a patronising letter from a piggy bank who then charges me an exorbitant fee for the privilege.

In reality I don’t suppose that storing coins in a poodle bank is any less bizarre than the notion of dropping spare change into a pig but, thanks to somewhat flawed conditioning I received as a child, I learned that should I wish to save I should put my spare coins into a pig for safekeeping. It was unfortunate that the local farmer didn’t especially like me feeding money to his livestock (though it was tolerated with a bemused smile right up until the point that I tried to recover my savings). We moved from the country following that unfortunate episode. Apparently the pig never quite recovered and went on to become a component in a breakfast sandwich (I’m racked by guilt to this day).

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