Back at the beginning of March we featured the new O2 Joggler touchscreen internet tablet (or ‘All-in-One Family Wireless Multimedia Hub’ as we referred to it) and now, not to be outdone, Orange is hitting back with their newly announced Orange Tabbee Wi-Fi Internet Tablet which, like the aforementioned Joggler, comes with 7″ touchscreen display, Wi-Fi connectivity and broad multimedia support.

The Orange Tabbee, unlike the Joggler, is not restricted to desk usage in serving as a true tablet device complete with docking cradle - which also serves to charge the device - and as well as offering internet access to allow for basic browsing or access to news, weather, traffic, stocks, etc information (no word as to whether it supports RSS feeds - we assume it does) whilst also offering broad multimedia support allowing the device to show videos, play digital audio and even act in the capacity of a digital photo frame (loading media from SD memory cards or via USB flash drives thanks to its built-in SD and USB slots).

On and above the capabilities outlined above, the Orange Tabbee is also billed as offering a number of family friendly features such as message board functionality which will serve rather nicely as a sort of digital post-it note (especially handy to remind the cat to feed the husband whilst you’re out).

The Orange Tablee is set to become available to Orange customers in France in Q2 of this year for around 300 Euros (roughly $402) though, at the time of writing, Orange are yet to confirm any specific release details with respect to the UK market.

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