O2 have just announced the up and coming availability of their new Joggler touchscreen device which is billed as a ‘first-of-its-kind device which will transform the way families manage their busy lives’ though, in fairness, bears many similarities to the previously featured iRiver Wave-Home in serving as a multimedia, internet and communications hub that O2 describe as being designed to ‘keep the whole family connected’.

The O2 Joggler comes a with 7″ touchscreen and connects to your home broadband either via its Ethernet port or wirelessly and, apart from serving as a digital organiser capable of storing birthdays, appointments and important dates which you need to be reminded of (via text messages to your phone as well as via the units display) also offers calendar and alarm clock functionality, digital audio and video playback (either directly from the device or streamed via your home network) as well as serving as a digital photo frame, basic gaming device and, thanks to its internet connectivity, can also display weather, news and sport (via Sky News) and traffic information though there’s no indication as to whether it can display user defined RSS feeds.

“We’ve developed the O2 Joggler with today’s busy families in mind. It has been purpose built to help families better organise their lives.” Said Alistair Johnston, Marketing Director, Telefonica O2 UK, who introduced the O2 Joggler which is set to launch in the UK from early April and which will set you back around 150GBP or, if you prefer, can be picked up free if taken instead of a handset at upgrade if you’re an O2 Pay monthly customer on 18 or 24 month contract (though O2 also state that ‘Pay & Go customers can apply their upgrade discount to the cost of the device’).

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