Trossen Robotic’s MechRC Humanoid Robot, which comes pre-assembled – or what Trossen Robotic’s bill as being as being ‘ready-to-walk’ - and which boasts 17 separate servos resulting in the MechRC being capable of enacting over one hundred pre-loaded actions out of the box, has just become available in the US.

Trossen Robotics MechRC Humanoid Robot, which, incidentally, has been ‘designed by the Transformer artist’ – hence its particularly mean looks - comes with IR remote as well as a USB/Serial communications cable which allows to you program the MechRC robot via an easy to use interface utilising filmstrip style sequencing command software which will also allow you to add sound effects or a soundtrack (to which the MechRC can strut its stuff) which will be played through a speaker mounted in MechRC’s chest.

You can see the Trossen Robotics MechRC Humanoid Robot in action in the video below and, we think you’ll agree, both its dexterity and its particularly smooth animation is impressive (I couldn’t pull half the moves featured if I tried).

Trossen Robotics MechRC Humanoid Robot Key Features:

  • The MechRC Robot comes pre-assembled.
  • Designed by the Transformer artist so there is a startling likeness to the Transformer form.
  • The ‘bot sports 17 servos with 180 degree movement..
  • Metal Gear Servos with 13kg-cm torque!
  • Audio can be played through the speaker in the robot’s chest.
  • More than 100 moves are pre-stored on the robot - see him throw some serious shapes fit for the dance floor or reveal his killer fighting moves.
  • An easy to use 3D visual interface is used for programming.
  • The robot is manipulated in an animation film strip making customizing seriously user-friendly.
  • IR remote control.
  • Lithium battery pack and charger.
  • MechRC Commander software CD ROM.
  • USB/Serial communications cable.
  • User Guide.
  • Requires a PC (not Mac compatible).
  • Suitable for ages 14 years+.
  • Size: 36 x 32 x 15cm.
According to my view this is very unique and modern product which is easy to use and very econoimical. A lot of qualities are hidden in this product.

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