Americas Iconic Motors claims to have built a new roadster weighs just 2,200 pounds and has eight tenths the torsional rigidity of a typical F1 car.
It is capable of reaching speeds of more than 200mph. With a 6.9L all aluminum V8 engine sending more than 800hp to the rear wheels and a power-to-weight ratio of 2.75lb/hp the car should reach 60mph in less than 4 seconds and easily eclipse the top speed claim. Accordint to my view its a very unique product which have no comparison in world trade market.Unique features include patented door handles, a gas cap control system, a special gear shifter and custom door hinges.The Iconic Motor GTR Roadster is priced at $600,000.

800+ Horsepower 420 CID (6.9 Liter) Iconic-Designed All Aluminum V8
200+ mph
2,200 Pound Curb Weight

World-Leading Power to Weight Ratio of 2.75 lb/hp or 727.3 hp per ton Formula One-Derived Racing Suspension
Torsional Rigidity Approaching 80% of a Typical Formula One Race Car.

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