Americas Watchdog Wants to Hear From Homeowners in Florida, & All U.S. States Who Have Potentially Toxic Chinese Drywall
Americas Watchdog & its Homeowners Consumer Center have been leading a national investigation, and a state by state investigation into what could be extremely toxic Chinese drywall in new homes, built after 2001, in Florida. Virginia, California, Arizona, Nevada, Louisiana, New Jersey Texas and all other U.S. States. According to the Homeowners Consumer Center, "the potentially toxic Chinese drywall was extensively used in new U.S. home construction between 2004 & 2007. We want to talk to every homeowner, who knows they have it, and or, owners who suspect they have it, so that we can help them & try to protect them at the same time." The indicators of potentially toxic Chinese drywall are a rotten egg/sulfur smell, repeated AC coil failures, electrical wiring corrosion & even silver jewelry turning black.
Americas Watchdog has been leading the national and the state by state investigations of potentially toxic Chinese drywall since the beginning of the year. The Homeowners Consumer Center has discovered that the Chinese drywall was initially brought into the US in 2001. At its peak, the Chinese dry wall was used in new subdivisions, condo projects and town homes in every state, with the heaviest concentrations being in Florida, California, Arizona, Nevada, Louisiana, Texas, Virginia, Georgia, Colorado, the Carolina's & the Pacific Northwest. Aside from making a home, or condominium a potential tear down, the building material is so toxic, that last week the group learned exposure to the Chinese drywall could produce emphysema in Children. "If you are a Florida or Virginia homeowner, who knows they have the drywall product in your home, or if you are in another state & your new home built between 2001 & 2007 has always had a rotten egg or sulfur smell, and or, you have gone through numerous AC coils, or suffered upper respiratory issues since move in.
xtremely Important Consumer Note To All Florida & Virginia Homeowners Who Have The Chinese Drywall Product In Their Home: "Do not agree to simply have a homebuilder replace your drywall. If you have the most toxic Chinese drywall, the house, or condominium will have to be completely torn down. Do not sign a phony homebuilder re-drywall agreement, without first talking to us or our legal teams. In many, to most cases a re-drywall may not correct the problem, because the toxic's are already spread throughout your home." For more information homeowners with the Chinese drywall product
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