This Product is Brough to you by Sohna Munda
After Successor of the 1st Ice Cream Phone by LG in last April. They Unveiled their Second Ice Cream Phone LG-LU1600. LG-LU1600 feature the ice cream inspired colors with LED lighting. Whenever you will recive any call or u will make any outgoing call or message, the pastel tone colors of light is going to run on the front side panel and there is also some very cute emoticons sush as smiling face and heart by orange colored LED. with the support of EV-DO Revision A Mobile broadband, This Mobile provides global roaming service in the United States, Southeast Asia and Japan. The phone comes with T-DMB, electronic dictionary function, web surffing and much more. You can choose your Ice Cream Phone 2 LG-LU1600 from snow white, peach pink and sky blue color, and you can get them via LG Telecom something around 400,000(KRW) and 500,000(KRW)

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