It has already been confirmed earlier in October month and now LG has officialy Announced it The LG KC780 another 8.0-megapixel camera Cellphone. This 13.9mm blubbery slider comes with 2.4″ display and comes without 3G, congenital in WiFi and GPS, so i think it should be kind affordable.

Focusing on its camera, a Schneider-Kreuznach certified lens is acclimated for the camera with a best of 8.0-megapixel resolution and 1600 ISO. The Face apprehension affection is able too which automatically finds and focuses on peoples faces to booty a ablaze and absolute shot. Part of this affection relies on the LGs Smile Apprehension technology, this smile apprehension will admit the bend of peoples mouths and
acclimatize focus for faces and a Beauty Mode will advice in removing spots and imperfections on peoples faces ~ to ensure faces arise ablaze and ablaze in photos. No anguish of too ablaze as the SmartLight ambience will fix that problem. And the best importantly, an congenital Image Stabilizer is equipped, allows user to booty ablaze and aciculate photos alike in all-a-quiver situations.

In addition, the phones camera can additionally be acclimated as a webcam for online chat, no USB cable needed, the buzz will be affiliated to computer via the phones Bluetooth which they alarm it Smart Bluetooth. This Smart Bluetooth additionally allows user to accelerate and apprehend argument letters via computer. The LG KC780 will be accessible in November starting Europe after accretion to Asia and CIS , including Thailand, India, Hong Kong and China. Accordint to my view its a very unique product which have no comparison in world trade market.

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