Nikon Corporation in Japan has announced their latest Media Port UP. It is a wifi-enabled multimedia playback headphone device. Nikon includes the display screen, headphones, Wi-Fi capability, mobile A/V player, high-capacity memory, and power source in one bunched device. The accessory is priced about $587. The UP300x comes with congenital motion sensor that allows hands free operation (volume adjustment, etc…). It has up to 8GB of flash memory, USB port, Wi-Fi b/g, and two Sanyo eneloop rechargeable batteries and acknowledging the WMV9, MPEG-1, MPEG-2 video files, and MP3, WMA9, AAC, audio files. It is compatible with HTML 4.01, Flash Version 7, JavaScript, added media capacity are downloadable from Nikons service. Accordint to my view its a very unique product which have no comparison in world trade market. Unfortunately, they are accessible only in Japan.

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