Following on from a series of leaks concerning its new iterations of its ever popular Flip video camera, Pure Digital has at last gone official with its new Flip video cameras, the Flip Ultra and Flip Ultra HD, which sport revised designs and larger TFT 2″ 960 x 240 resolution displays.

The new Pure Digital Flip Ultra video cameras, which are powered by an updated Flip Video Engine (version 3.5) come in SD and HD versions offering up to 640 x 480 and 1280 x 720 resolution video capture capabilities at 30 frame per second respectively and offer H.264 video compression with AAC audio compression and well as MP4 file format support whilst zoom capabilities remain unchanged at 2x digital.

Coming with replaceable AA battery packs offering up to three hours recording endurance whilst recording at 720p resolution or up to five hours when recording in standard definition, the new Pure Digital Flip Ultra video cameras come with integrated stereo microphones as well as in-built speakers (previous Flip models offered mono audio recording only) and, in the case of the Flip Ultra HD, integrated HDMI port allowing you to hook the video camera directly up to a HD TV to view captured footage.
Both the Flip Ultra SD and the Flip ultra HD have just been made available and will set you back just shy of $149 and $200 respectively.

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