Can’t believe Jake would go to all the trouble of going to see Jillian to tell her about Wes’ girlfriend and Jillian would believe Wes anyway. No, baby, I don’t have a girlfriend. I have an ex-girlfriend who’s a good friend.
Tonight on “The Bachelorette,” we have hometown visits and the return of Jake and Ed. Woo hoo!
Reid, Philadelphia
Reid is up first. His parents have a beautiful house in a Philly suburb. Reid has Rhonda, Larry, Brett and Chad (parents and two brothers). They immediately start talking about the family realty business and Jillian’s design background.
Rhonda takes Jillian off for some one-on-one time. Jill asks Rhonda if she’s Reid’s type and Rhoda says, “I think you’re adorable.” Heh heh. Wway to skirt that question, mom. The brothers talk to her about committment and how Reid hasn’t met the right person yet.

Tonight on "The Bachelorette," Wes can add another episode to his publicity and we lose one of the good ones.
Chris calls our remaining guys the "Elite Eight." I think he means "the Magnificent Seven and one guitar-strumming douchebag." This week there are two solo dates and one group date. 5 roses will be given out and those guys get to take Jillian to their hometowns.
They are leaving Whistler and taking the Rocky Mountain... something. I missed it. Rocky Mountain Oysters? No, I'm pretty sure those are cow balls. It's a train, though. That's the gist.
Just for the record, 5 minutes into the episode, I think Jillian needs to ditch Wes, Tanner P and Michael and keep Jake, Reid, Robby, Kiptyn and Jesse. That is my prediction/hope.By the way, while Jillian says good-bye to Robby, the other 7 guys press their faces up against the train windows like a bunch of little match girls. Geez, guys. Michael cries about Robby's departure because he didn't get to say good-bye. I'll say it again... I think Michael wishes he was in the Canadian wilderness with Robby.

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