Panasonic plans on claiming the “world’s lightest” title with the announcement of their latest HDC-TM10 and HDC-SD10 camcorders that only weight half a pound. Featuring the Panasonic’s VIERA Link technology that allows for Full-HD video content viewing, both the HDC-TM10 and HDC-SD10 camcorders offer 16x optical zoom and use Advanced Optical Image Stabilization (O.I.S) technology that helps minimize shakes at high zoom levels.
Virtually the same, the real difference between the two camcorders is that the HDC-SD10 will store your memories on a SD/SDHC style="font-family:georgia;">memory card, while the HDC-TM10 first has to fill 8GB of internal memory before using the card option.As for the other specs, they both feature touchscreen and handy function buttons for intuitive usage, built in light and flash for when you’re shooting in the dark and a 1.9-sec Quick Power-On to make sure you won’t miss on anything.
The camcorders are going to ship starting in the US from September with a MSRP of $599.95 for the HDC-TM10 model, wile the HDC-SD10 will cost you $549.95.

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