It seems that Transformer mania has finally pervaded the world of hands-free with the creation of the Orb Bluetooth headset. This nifty little gadget is the result of a collaboration between Hybra Advance Technology Inc. and AbsolutelyNew Inc. and goes from ultra-sleek wireless communication device to high-fashion fingerwear with a simple twist. As far as Bluetooth devices are concerned, this one ranks pretty high on the fashion scale.
The Orb will be available in various sizes and for those who like their Bluetooth headsets on the sparkly side, it will available in a limited edition designer model that features integrated decorative gemstones. The base model Orb is slated for January 2010 availability and will sport a MSRP of $129. The Deluxe edition is due out the following April with a MSRP of $175.

But the Orb isn’t just good looks. This high-tech gizmo incorporates NXT technology and provides high quality bone conduction audio without the discomfort of placing a device inside the ear. All units will offer a Class 2 Bluetooth range of 30-ft. It’s both form and function. Rumor has it that there is also a “deluxe edition” in the works that will feature a Flexible Organic Light Emitting Device (FOLED) screen to display caller ID, calendar reminders, and voice-to-text information for communication without taking the ring off the finger.

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