Dell has realized this year that it can’t miss out on the smartphone business especially with a hot OS like Android available out there. And the company has been busy developing an Android handset for the Chinese market. The Dell Mini 3i isn’t a secret anymore and earlier today it became official. According to the press release, the Dell Mini 3i will be available “later this month” and China Mobile is the carrier that will launch it.

China Mobile is a powerful carrier in China and, with 500 million subscribers, it’s the largest mobile operator in the world. No wonder that Dell wants a piece of that action. So what does the Mini 3i have to offer? Here’s the official specs list of the device:

* China Mobile OPhone OS (custom Android version)
* Quadband GSM/EDGE
* 3G support
* 3.5-inch touchscreen
* 3-megapixel camera with zoom, auto-focus, flash and video capture
* Bluetooth
* microSD support for up to 32GB of storage
* miniUSB port
* Dimensions: 58.35 x 122 x 11.7
* Weight: 105g

Michael Yang, vice president and general manager for Greater China Consumer of Dell had this to say about the phone:

People today want to carry their lives with them – they want to discover, capture and share new content as they roam around the world. We believe Dell’s year-long development collaboration with China Mobile will amplify those experiences better than anyone else in the industry.

He might be right about the way people see smartphones today and that seems to be an indication that Dell will not make phones only for China. In fact we already know that the company is going to launch a Dell Mini 3i version in the USA and other markets. But that version hasn’t been officially announced yet and we might not even see it in stores this year.

The Dell Mini 3i doesn’t have a price yet, so all those China Mobile subscribers will have to wait until their carrier announces them later this month.

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