Not even growth that's a few weeks away from matching Brad Pitt's scraggly beard could stop Jon Hamm from being dashing as ever. The "Mad Men" hunk showed at the Motion Picture and Television Fund's premiere screening of Kirk Douglas' autobiographical film "Before I Forget" on Wednesday night in Los Angeles with actress and screenwriter Jennifer Westfeldt on his arm.

Hamm and Westfeldt chatted with the acting legend at a pre-screening reception hosted by Netflix, where the Golden Globe nominee mingled with the likes of Kellan Lutz and director-producer Adam Shankman. While Shankman was enthused over Douglas' retrospective flick, he imparted to me his all-time favorite performance from the master thesp:

 "He's Spartacus, I'm a gay man. You do the math," Shankman said. How do you take your Hamm? Fuzzy or clean shaven? Tell me in comments!

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