If your kids already happen to have their own digital camcorder (see: Digital Concepts Crayola Digital Camcorder) and have long since lost interest in it, but you’re keen to prompt their interest in photography (or, perhaps, counter their increasing lack of interest), then this digital camera aimed specifically at young children by Digital Blue, known as the U-Turn, could serve to galvanize things once again thanks to coming with a range of in-camera digital effects.

Sporting a 2.4″ LCD swivel display, which allows full 108 degree rotation so your kids can see themselves as they frame their images, the Digital Blue U-Turn will subsequently allow your kids to digitally morph the resulting images up to twelve times with brilliantly named effects such as stretchy head, swirls, and squatty view (I mean, neither my Olympus or Fujifilm cameras offer these effects and, frankly, I’m questioning whether I can possibly get by now without ’squatty view’).

Interestingly, aside from the above features, and the fact that the Digital Blue U-Turn digital camera can take up to eighty photos at a time, details concerning the camera are otherwise particularly sparse - no specific info concerning resolution, actual storage capacity (in MB) and the like have, at the time of writing, been made available.

Still, let’s not get carried away here - after all I suspect that any young kid who gets their hands on one of these could care a less about such details. And besides, any camera that comes with squatty view is just fine by us.According to my view this is very unique and modern product which is easy to use and very econoimical. A lot of qualities are hidden in this product.

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