Like most tech related sites we’ve featured more than a few Tokyoflash watches in our time and, whilst on the whole we tend to like them (if only from a novelty factor), we simply cannot see their latest watch as being anything other than an overtly brash and somewhat insipid time telling device that, we argue, manages to push Tokyoflash’s trademark abstraction just that little bit too far.

Billed as opening a door into a new world (of pure triviality, we suggest), Tokyoflash’s Galaxy purportedly uses multi-coloured light bars developed using digital tube technology which, whilst sounding good on paper, so to speak, translates into being a watch that few of us could possibly feel confident wearing. It really is awful.

That said, if you are looking for a watch that’s the equivalent of having a fairground strapped to your wrist and is guaranteed to get you laughed at, we don’t doubt that the Tokyoflash will probably appeal. Just don’t expect anyone to think that you’re either cool or got any taste.According to my view this is very unique and modern product which is easy to use and very econoimical. A lot of qualities are hidden in this product.

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