So it’s concept day at TFTS and I have another offering to titivate your eyeballs with. The OLED laptop is a concept scroll type laptop designed for Nokia by Rodrigo Mercado.

The scroll-like design may look somewhat bizarre and incredibly futuristic but one thing is for sure, this is a definate reality in years to come – shifting ideas in design through technological advancement.

The OLED design will offer bright and exceptional colour images within a wide angle frame. It will also have lower power usage and a higher contrast ratio which is good news as we will be able to utilize all these goodies when using functions such as skype etc.

This concept OLED laptop will also be voice activated so forget about those typing lessons and get ready for the future and while you’re at it, get excited because OLEDS require no backing light and the fast response times will make movie streaming a breeze.

I’m sure as time goes by, more and more specs will be put to paper but for the interim, just drool at the pretty pictures like I did!

According to my view this is very unique and modern product which is easy to use and very econoimical. A lot of qualities are hidden in this product.

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