If listening to your iPod or equivalent MP3 player via a series of tree stump speakers is not quite in keeping with your sense of style, this sleek wireless, weatherproof iPod MP3 speaker system complete with UV resistant remote could just tick all the right boxes.

Offering a range of up to 150 feet via a 2.4GHz wireless connection, this weatherproof outdoor iPod MP3 speaker system consists of a class D amplifier offering SRS WOW digital technology - ensuring that audio quality is as good as you would expect from a comparably specified indoor speaker system – pumped through a 360° omni directional, 20 watt speaker which can be hooked up to an auxiliary speaker unit (sold separately) to attain full, outdoors stereo sound.

Pimp your pool with the SR298 and a motorized pool lounger

Supplied with a weatherproof remote, the battery powered SR298 Wireless Outdoor iPod MP3 Speaker, which retails for $199.95, comes with additional AUX jack connectivity, allowing you to hook up a host of additional AV equipment, and even offers a mood lighting effect (in other words, there’s a light inside the unit).

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