Billed as being the first video headset to gain Apple’s official ‘Works with iPhone’ certification, the Carl Zeiss Cinemizer Plus Video Eyewear (or video headset, if you prefer) allows iPhone and video iPod owners to view their video content as if viewing a 45″ screen from a distance of six feet courtesy of two high resolution LCD displays whilst listening to stereo sound delivered by integrated on-ear headphones.

Offering an operational endurance of up to 4 hours based on a full 2.5 hour charge of the headset’s rechargeable lithium-ion battery the Carl Zeiss Cinemizer Plus video headset, which offers individual diopter focus adjustment of each display, is supplied with remote control, iPod connector, six iPod clips, two interchangeable nose pads to ensure optimum comfort and is set to become available from May in the US for $499 as well as the UK and Germany for around 300 GBP and 370 Euros respectively.

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