If you’re looking for a not incapable DAP that almost looks like the new iteration of Apple’s Nano (a considerably less aestheticallyrefined Nano, if you will) then this compact DAP from Coby, known as the MP600 Video MP3 Player, could be worth a gander.

Aside from the device’s aesthetics - we’d prefer something slightly more original, if you know what I mean - there’s really not a lot not to like about the Coby MP600 DAP as, in terms of functionality, it’s actually hard to fault - and that’s without even taking its somewhat competitive pricing into account. Yes, we might not want it, but we do, actually, rather like it much in the same way that we actually quite liked that spotty kid at school but we still didn’t hang with him (oh, no, hold on, that was me - ah, memories, painful memories).

The Coby MP600 DAP, which measures in at 1.57″ x 3.12″ x 0.41″, comes with a 1.44″ 128 x 128 resolution LCD display and, as well as offering MP3, WMA, MTV Video, JPG and TXT support (as well as Flash support) comes with built-in FM tuner and will put in up to 10 hours of audio playback endurance before needing the be re-juiced.

The Coby MP600 DAP will set you back around $28 for the 2GB capacity version or around $34 for the 4GB model.

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