Whilst not a major revelation - speculation concerning Skype coming to the iPhone has been rife for some considerable time - at last we have official confirmation not only that a Skype iPhone/iPod Touch App is to be made available but that it will be available to download tomorrow (31/03/09) and, best of all, it’ll be free.

Admittedly, iPhone apps bringing Skype functionality to the iPhone/iPod Touch have long since been available but these have been strictly unofficial affairs and user feedback has been very much mixed. An official Skype iPhone/iPod Touch app has, therefore, been something that Skype users who own iPhones and/or iPod Touch devices have been crying out for and it’ll at last be a reality as of tomorrow (not that Skype have taken their time in responding to intense user interest or anything).

The new Skype iPhone/iPod Touch App - which offers messaging, video and full conference calling functionalities- serves to utilise each respective devices Wi-Fi connectivity rather than relying on EDGE or 3G connectivity for data transfer, which opens up the application for touch users who will, unlike iPhone owners, obviously need a set of headphones with embedded microphone (or just a separate mic) in order to use the application.

The free Skype iPhone/iPod Touch App should hit Apple’s App Store tomorrow.

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