iFrogz have announced that their Audiowrapz 3rd Gen iPod Nano protective cases with integral three speaker system, which won a ‘Best of Show’ award from iLounge at this year’s MacWorld Expo event is being made available to Wal-Mart stores nationwide in the US.
The Audiowrapz cases, which are billed as ‘the first 100 percent silicone protective case with built-in speakers that maintains a compact, stylish way to listen to music’ feature passive speaker technology ensuring that the device does not drain your Nano battery excessively, and comes features an anti dust treatment offering resistance to prevent dust building up on the case whilst you’re on the go out and about.
‘Our new Audiowrapz give consumers the protection they need and the portable sound that they want – anytime, anywhere – without sharing earphones or using expensive sound docks,’ said Scott Huskinson, CEO and owner of iFrogz. ‘Wal-Mart reaches our core demographic and we are excited to be delivering our product to consumers through such a respected retailer.’
The iFrogz 3rd Gen iPod Nano Audiowrapz speaker cases, according to iFrogz press release, will be made available in a range of colours and are expected to retail for less than $20.

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