Following on from our somewhat large posting concerning Danish design agency Made by Makers (which is proving to be especially popular with you), we thought we’d offer a brief heads up concerning this iPod Touch Nano concept by Isamu Sanada which could offer some degree of insight as to where the future of Apple’s Nano may be headed (if Apple has any sense – which they patently do).

Isamu Sanada’s iPod Touch Nano concept, whilst borrowing heavily from the current design of the Nano, also, as its name suggests, comes with a Touch inspired touchscreen but also, interestingly, with detatchable game controllers which simply slot into the Noan Touch when require and, in this respect alone, we suspect that many would agree that Isamu Sanada’s vision as to the possible future of Apple’s Nano is something that we cannot help but wish will be looked upon by Apple with some interest. Indeed, it would be rather nice should the idea of detachable game controllers be extended to future versions of Touch to extend its capabilities as a portable gaming device.
Quite whether any future iterations of either the Nano or Touch will take on board the ideas presented by Isamu Sanada’s concept is, of course, highly debatable but, we for one think that consumers would more than welcome the extended gaming functionality such features would undoubtedly offer.

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