We’ve seen touchscreen watches. We’ve seen watches with DAP functionality. We’ve also seen watches with integrated cameras and watches that double up as wrist worn cell phones. But what about a wrist watch that comes with touchscreen, cell phone functionality and integrated camera that packs in DAP capabilities complete with inbuilt stereo speakers that happens to be waterproof and, (yes, there’s more), which comes in a gloriously tacky golden finish?
Yes, it’s another gem from ChinaGrabber whose undoubted claim to fame is the sustained ability to produce cheap gadgetry that sounds great on paper and looks crap in reality.

This M1000i 1.5″ Quad Band TouchScreen WaterProof WristWatch Phone w/ Bluetooth, Camera, Mp3, Mp4 (to give it it’s formal and decidedly catchy title) measures in at 56 x 43 x 19mm and, as alluded to previously, packs in just about everything you could possibly want in a watch (and then some) that you quite probably wouldn’t be seen dead with.
Offering GSM 850/900/1800/1900 connectivity, as well as Bluetooth, this touchscreen cell phone DAP camera stereo speaker watch (you’ll excuse us if we’ve missed something out here), sports a 1.5″ 260K color 176 x 220 resolution display, comes with integrated 2 megapixel camera (allowing you to capture stills and video with sound), offers MP3, MP4, 3GP, JPG and GIF file format compatibility and no, we wouldn’t be seen dead with it either.

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