A traditional workspace with a modern twist, the new StudioDesk has been designed for laptop users looking for a clutter-free working environment. Crafted by BlueLounge with clean and simple shapes, the desk features a sliding top surface that uncovers a large hidden compartment where you can completely conceal all your wires, iPhones, cameras and other peripherals that take up space.
It will cost you a good $599 but keep in mind that the new StudioDesk comes with a removable faux leather mat to cover the sliding portion of the desktop, has solid mahogany legs and white laminate surfaces and storage spaces.
A timeless design that comes in a comfy knock down condition and can be easily assembled, the desk looks perfect for both home and office use. Is it worth it to keep clutter away? We’ll let you decide …
[BlueLounge via OhGizmo]
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