We’ve seen out fair share of novel (aka wacky) USB flash drives here at TFTS and now we have another distinctive flash drive to all to our collection in the form of this USB Grenade Flash Drive, which has just become available from ThinkGeek.
Offering USB 2.0 connectivity, the ThinkGeek USB Grenade Flash Drive youts 8GB of capacity, comes with a flip off connector cover and measures in at around 32 x 32 x 57mm.

ThinkGeek’s product listing explains the USB Grenade Flash Drive thus:
Pull the plug and lob your old flash drive out your window (preferably after you’ve backed up the files, but who are we to tell you what to do?). Store your most valuable and portable files inside a grenade for maximum style points. Unleash that little evil part of yourself that wants to blow up your coworkers. That annoying guy three cubes down want the same files you’ve already emailed him 30 times? Pull the plug on your grenade and fling it into his cube. It won’t blow up, but at least a grenade to the head might make him reconsider the next time he wants to bug you about something…
The USB Grenade Flash Drive is available as of now and will set you back just shy of $40.

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