Whilst details at this stage are fairly thin on the ground, we do, at least, have some details confirmed regarding the 2011 Intel Atom CPU, which is set to succeed the up and coming Pine Trail Atom, which offers a tantalising insight as to where the future of Intel’s highly successful Atom processor, which is under the hood of just about every netbook and nettop currently available, is headed.

The new 2011 Intel Atom, which, is codenamed “Cedarview” whilst, as a platform, goes by the codename “Cedar Trail”, is reported to be based on a 32 nanometer manufacturing process and is said to be set to support DirectX 10 3D graphics processing as well as offering HD video output whilst additionally offering up dual digital output that’s see both DisplayPort and HDMI, as well as older formats, suitably catered for.

Further highlights will include a new memory controller offering DDR3 memory support (specifically DDR3 1066 – as catered for by Intel’s Core i7 CPU).
The new Atom Cedar Trail platform is expected to hit in 2011 though its already set to be replaced by the next iteration, which is set to utilise a 22 nanometer manufacturing process, sometime in 2013 – but, as yet, there’s no specific details as to what that’ll bring to the table.

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